HID light and Halogen light performance comparison table

  Standard halogen light HID light The differences

Cover glass

ordinary quartz glass

the ultraviolet quartz glass of UV-CTU

the light dustcoat of HID produces the glare, it is effectual to filter

The way give out light

the tungsten filament is burnt after being set up an electric circuit

the straight negative electrode stimulates the xenon to give out light with the chemical reaction of rare metal angrily

the high temperature generates heat after the tungsten filament is set up an electric circuit, easy to blow and damage,The light becomes dark gradually after the xenon is used up angrily, go out slowly.

Color temperature



our temperature of left and right sides is just beginning to transfer whitestly to the blue colour temperature slightly , the human eye is easy to accept, difficult to be tired, improve the security , but the halogen light is relatively bad.




data show HID light triple luminance , halogen of light , for promote night and rain fog drive definition of sight is it raise obviously to have

Consume the electricity



by contrast, HID light nearly saves half the electricity , saving the electricity equal to fuel-efficientlies.


280-400 hour

3000-3500 hour

obvious life-span of HID light will be much longer, the longevity is equal to economy.

HID 6500K HID 7500K HID 12000K
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