Install the concise picture:
(Some styles needn't to use the wirings and you can only insert the "IN" end of the ballast into the headlight socket directly,then can do the operation.)

Operation principle of the products:

°° Inside the quartz tube of the light was filled with chemical gases most of which are inert gases such as xenon,iodides and so on. Through the ballast, then 12V DC will increase immediately:the electrons of the xenon in the tube will be dissociated because of the voltage swing and thus an electrical arc happens between the two poles.
°° Xenon light is power saving, sage and has long life,high luminance.In addition,because of the use of the UV-cut quartz tube,the light is crystal forever.

Its unique safety design:

°° Driving safely can be enhanced greatly for the light is equipped with short-circuit protection device,contra-pressure protection design.Therefore,the light has been in the favor of the automobile modification fans from Europe,U.S., Japan,South Korea and Southeast Asia etc.

Install instructions:

1. Turn off the switch,unfold the engine after the car cool,remove the same type of bulbs in the discharge light group to take the place of the original halogen bulbs and then plug all cables attached into the sockets and ballast related.Mustn't touch the surface of HID bulb with hands.If it is dirty,it should be cleaned with the rag;

2. Changing the fuse in the circuit of the car into the fuse special for HID;

3. Before installation,check whether the bulb can touch the inner cover of the light or the opening is too small.If so,install after proper adjustment.

4. Put the bulb into the light cover carefully with no damaging force,and then stabilize it and put the waterproof ring to the original.

5. After installation is over,connect the bulb with the ballast.

6. Fix the ballast in the proper lace (careful for 3M double-face glue is very sticky);

7. Connect high-voltage line with the bulb.Connect the input line of the ballast with the socket of the light, and make the ballast firmed.(Keep in mind:Must be far away from high temperature and the place is in bad heat dispel) The former factory car light HID all put under the headlight;

8. Check whether the bulb is fixed the cables between the bulb and the ballast is fastened.

9. Plug the cable from the voltage ballast into the engine.

10. Please pay attention to keep the space with the ballast.Don't approach the following positions;otherwise HID light will be overheated so as to go out:
°°°°£®A£©The Mars is filled in and filled with the Mars in the circuit.
°°°°£®B£©Circuit of the electronic carburetor.
°°°°£®C£©Water tank, and the high temperature of engine.
°°°°£®D£©Choose the position that ventilate and dispel the heat better.
°°°°£®E£©Avoid the position that water accumulated, leaked.

11. Please confirm whether the length and width of light will touch lens hood and enter of lamp (Model H7 light please attention to the length, Model H1 light should be pay attention to width) If it is contacted, repair it properly avoid the high-tension electricity from leaking;

12. Turn the power supply,test the lights; turn off the power supply,clear the cables;retest once, then turn on the headlight.

13. Notes for all distributors and retailers:we suggest BORA, BLUEBIRD and FAMILY should be fixed with H4 H/L double tube not H4 H/L Single tube.

Note: The user should ask the technician from the retailers to do the installation. Before the installation is over,working with electricity is forbidden.Do not look directly at the light. In addition,as the light tube is very hot,no touch is allowable. As the light is so bright,choose the proper CT according to the local laws or regulations.After sale,the company is not bear any responsibilities related.

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